A list of bitcoin affiliate programs that you can use to earn bitcoins

On this article you will find a long list of bitcoin affiliate programs that you can use. Affiliate programs are one of the ways to make money online. I have written another similar article were I explain all the how affiliate programs works. Here’s a full explanation of how affiliate marketing works.

Bitcoin has become one of the most valuable assets you can have. Many businesses are starting to find ways to use it, there’s also a list of bitcoin businesses that you can start for yourself to earn or accept bitcoins as payment.

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How to write for bitcoins and get paid?

write for bitcoins

Blogging or just writing articles can be a lot of hard work on its own and having blog that brings in some money here are there can be an awesome thing but monetizing a blog can be a challenge to many bloggers. If you are blogging for fun then that’s great, it means you love want you do, yet if you want to turn this into one of your part time income or your daily income you are most likely to search for Read more

Get tips to earn bitcoins with bitcoin URL shortener websites

bitcoin URL shortener

A URL shortener is a site or a tool you can use to shrink your links.To shorten links has become a huge business on the internet. You can shorten your website URL’s and all your referral links before posting them on Facebook, twitter google+, LinkedIn and so on, that can make you money or bitcoins. When people click on your shortened links you could find yourself earning free bitcoins. There are several URL’s shortening Read more

How to earn bitcoins on autopilot with your website

how to earn bitcoin using your website

Let your website or blog earn you some bitcoin  and other popular digital currency without you having to be in-front of your computer all the time. Applying this method could defiantly save you a lot of time and energy you spend going through a lot of faucets and other promising bitcoin earning methods. If you know how to blog then this is a good opportunity for you to collect bitcoins using your blogging skills. Read more

Bitcoin business ideas that you can start

bitcoin business ideas

Bitcoin has brought a lot of jobs while at the same time it has taking others away. Well just like any other technology that comes in there’s always a new job that is been created while others are taken away. Cryptocurrency as whole has come up with many businesses that are profitable for those who pursue them.

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How to buy bitcoins with Debit Card or PayPal


Buy bitcoins with debit card

There are few places were you can buy bitcoins with a Debit Card or PayPal. On this article we’ll focus on using any card that use VISA or MasterCard or PayPal basically we will buy bitcoins with debit card or PayPal. Before buying bitcoins you need a bitcoin wallet, if you don’t have it you might consider opening on or buying a hardware bitcoin wallet which is more secure. We are going to be using VirWox which is an international bitcoin exchange but it is based in Austria.

Buy Bitcoins with PayPal at VirWox
VirWox is one of the oldest bitcoin exchange that allows users to buy bitcoins with debit card, it has over 800 000 members.

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What are types of bitcoin advertising networks available?


Bitcoin advertising networks

Online advertising is big business, all online businesses need traffic, so traffic is the major factor of all, one of the easy way to get traffic is through bitcoin advertising networks.
You might know that Google AdSense is the leading ad network in the world, but there are many more ad networks that you can use to send traffic to your business. Read more