How to earn bitcoins with affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing
bitcoin affiliate marketing

Internet Marketing is one big gold mine, there are many people who are making a leaving through it, infact some of them are supper rich, you might be thinking they own their own companies which is not so. they use many ways to make money on the internet, affiliate marketing is one of them.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing that is used by business to promo their products or services through people who are interested in promoting their products, in return those people are rewarded a certain percentage for bringing in more customers.
In the online industry those people who promote a product on behalf of the company are called Affiliates, while in the offline industry such as insurance companies, they might be called Agents, Representative or Salespeople.
Bitcoin is growing fast and we are seeing more big companies accepting as payments, which open doors for affiliate opportunities for the bitcoin evangelists.
Earning bitcoins through affiliate marketing not as tough as most people think, if you are new to affiliate marketing or bitcoin then don’t worry I’ll just put some of the steps that you should follow to start earning bitcoins through this method.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to earn more bitcoins through affiliate marketing:

  • Choose affiliate products.
  • Build a marketing plan

1. Search on the internet for the types of bitcoin affiliate programs, look for the types of companies that you think might be relevant to you and the people you are associated with such as your friends on Facebook or your followers on Twitter.
I usually go for companies that will pay me a recurring commission so that i can earn continuously with them. Not that one time payments are not good there are some that will be one time payments because the product can only be bought one and used forever one example is the Spectrocoin bitcoin debit card that cost only $9. Is a debit card,  people can only buy it once while if you talk about buying bitcoins at CEX.IO people can go back as many times as they want. If you are in South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia
2. Read their terms and conditions, I know you might think that this will be time consuming and irrelevant as we all know that most people don’t read the terms and conditions when they sign up with the program. But reading the terms of use might helping in making a decision, a simple example, there are some companies who accept bitcoin as payment and they also have an affiliate program but when it comes to paying their affiliates they still use PayPal, BankWire or Cheques which you might not want to use.
And also you might want to know when are you going to get paid as some of them will pay you once in a month while some will pay you every week or everyday. Another think some of them wont pay you until you reach the maximum which might be too higher for you example $100, so it means you will have to wait until you reach $100 in your account.

Build a marketing strategy:

1. Build A List – Affiliate marketing needs a list. Find a method that you can use to promote your products, one great tool is a Sales Funnel. A sales funnel allows you to capture emails and have a nice looking page which you can tell your prospects about the product, it also helps you to store those emails and be able to communicate with your subscribers. You will also be able to offer something else in the future in case some big opportunity comes or another good product.
2. Use Social Media – If you can’t do a sales funnel then building a list through Social Media could be one option. Build a following on social media, stay active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, or use all of them. But you will have to focus on one until you have a big following then move to another.
3. Build A Blog – One other method is to build your own blog, a blog makes it easy for people to find your content, you will have to write useful content that will help your readers. For you to create a blog you will need hosting, there are several web hosting companies that accept bitcoin you can choose the one you can afford. I use Namacheap, which seems to be great for me. Build your blog and send traffic to it, you will make sales as people get to know you, your blog needs to have fresh content that will be helpful.
4. Take videos – One of the most powerful method to promote any product online is taking videos. YouTube and Facebook makes it easy to promote products. Build a YouTube channel and take videos daily, upload them on YouTube, this might take a while but being consistent will always help you, you will start building subscribers, in your videos talk about useful stuff that will help people, don’t just be a sales person because that is not going to bring results.

With Facebook you can do live videos and build your audience. Your videos will start receiving more viewers if you become consistent. This is a one of the best methods in affiliate marketing  it has helped many people.
You can also use bitcoin advertising networks to promote your products. Mellow Ads or Anonymous Ads can be a great networks for advertisers, you will get CPA, CPM and CPC ads in both of them.
I’ve just given you affiliate marketing tips that will help you earn more bitcoins online.
If affiliate marketing is not your type of methods you can use then you might like revshares, bitcoin mining or you could work for bitcoin.

Here is a list of bitcoin affiliate programs that you can use.

I believe if you ask any professional internet marketer they will tell you the same about making money through affiliate marketing.
Please leave a comment, I would like to know what you think, if this has helped you or not.

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