On this article you will find a long list of bitcoin affiliate programs that you can use. Affiliate programs are one of the ways to make money online. I have written another similar article were I explain all the how affiliate programs works. Here’s a full explanation of how affiliate marketing works.

Bitcoin has become one of the most valuable assets you can have. Many businesses are starting to find ways to use it, there’s also a list of bitcoin businesses that you can start for yourself to earn or accept bitcoins as payment.

With bitcoin affiliate programs you can earn bitcoins without owning a typical business, you will earn a commission for every buying customer.

Here’s a list of bitcoin affiliate programs that pay.

Bitcoin Exchange Affiliate Programs

Virwox affiliate program – Virwox is a bitcoin exchange that lets people buy bitcoins with PayPal and a Debit Card.
Their affiliate programs gives you 20% of every purchase for a lifetime even for future purchases.

Virwox payouts are done Monthly and they are not send automatically you have to request a withdrawal.

Visit VirWox

Cex.io affiliate program – Cex.io is a bitcoin exchange business that sells bitcoins. You can buy bitcoins with a debit card or credit card.
Cex.io affiliate program gives you 30% for every buying customer you bring to them and for all their future purchases. There’s is no minimum payouts. The payouts in Cex are done daily although you request a withdrawal once in 30 days.
Spectrocoin Affiliate Program – Spectrocoin is a bitcoin exchange based in London that sells bitcoins and it also offers bitcoin debit cards at a low price.
Spectrocoin affiliate program gives you 10% for every buying customer for a life time.
The payouts are done everyday and there are no minimum payouts.

Visit Spectrocoin

Luno Affiliate Program – Luno is a bitcoin exchange that was started in South Africa. It also has offices in Singapore, Nigeria and Indonesia. You can buy bitcoins using a debit card if you are in Europe, Canada and other parts of the world.
Luno’s affiliate program offers South Africans R10 = $0.76 for a once of pucharse done by their referrals.

Visit Luno

Bitcoin Wallets Affiliate Programs

Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program – Ledger Wallet is a bitcoin hardware wallet company that creates and sells hardware wallets which store your bitcoins offline.

The ledger wallet affilitate program offers 15% commission per sale for every customer you bring to them. The commissions are paid in Bitcoin. There’s a minimum payout of 0.1BTC and the payout are paid monthly.

Visit Ledger Wallet

Keepkey Affiliate Program – Keepkey is also one of the bitcoin hardware wallets that let’s you store bitcoins offline.
Keepkey’s affiliate program pays you 10% per sale and per customer you bring to them. You can also refer other affiliates and earn 5% of their earnings. No quite sure when they do their payouts though.
Visit Keepkey
Trezor Affilate Program – Trezor is one of the first bitcoin hardware wallet to come out. It let’s you store bitcoins offline just like ledger and keepkey. The cost of a Trezor wallet is $99.
The Trezor affilaite program offer 10% commission for every sale generated through your referral once per sale.
The minimum payout is 0.1BTC and the payouts are sent automatically to your bitcoin address.

Visit Trezor

Bitcoin Ad Networks Affiliate Programs

A-Ads Affiliate Program – Anonymous Ads is a bitcoin advertising network that lets advertisers pay in bitcoin, while publishers are also paid in bitcoin.
There’s no registration required in A-Ads, you just create an ad. You earn 10% commission for every spending of your affiliates.
The payouts are sent to your bitcoin address every day if you reach 0.00010000 BTC

Visit A-Ads

RunCPA Affililate Program – RunCPA is a bitcoin advertising network that accepts and pays in bitcoin. RunCPA is a bitcoin cost-per-action(CPA) network that offer webmasters 20-80% commission for every purchase made through their referral link.
The payouts are sent automatically to your bitcoin address if your referrer makes a purchase.
RunCPA also gives you 8% revenue share if you bring in affiliates.

Visit RunCPA

Mellow Ads Affilate Program – Mellow ads is bitcoin advertising network that accepts bitcoins and pay in bitcoin.
Mellow Ads follows under CPM and CPC ad network.
It’s affilite program gives 10% commision to its affilates for every purchase made by their referrals. The payouts are done daily.

Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Programs

CloudBet Affiliate Program – CloudBet is a live sport betting and Casino.
CloudBet has two types of revenue sharing, here’s how the revenues is structured

Full Rev Share
– 30% commission paid on all revenue generated across our sportsbook, casino, and live casino
Hybrid Rev Share/Turnover-based Commission
– 30% commission paid on all revenue generated through our casino and live casino, and 0.2% of all turnover volume through our sportsbook (“turnover volume” is the lesser of the amount bet and the amount that can be won on a bet)
All new affiliates will begin on Hybrid Rev Share/Turnover Based Commission for their first three months. If after three months you wish to change to Full Rev Share please contact our affiliate manager and we will consider your request on a case-by-case basis.
Commission is paid for the full lifetime of all referred players.

Visit CloudBet
BitStarz Affiliate Program – BitStarz is online casino that uses both Euros and Bitcoins . You can earn more bitcoins and playing games on this site.
The affiliate program offers a commission of up to 40% for a life time for every game player you bring in.
The payouts are processed every month and your get then by the 5th day of every month.
Visit BitStarz

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