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Bitcoin has brought a lot of jobs while at the same time it has taking others away. Well just like any other technology that comes in there’s always a new job that is been created while others are taken away. Cryptocurrency as whole has come up with many businesses that are profitable for those who pursue them.

In the bitcoin industry there are also many businesses that can be start from the ground up to the most profitable businesses. I’m going to share some of the businesses that you can start and earn a good living out of them. Some of this businesses might need a lot of money than others so be aware of that. While some can cost from $0 to to $1000 depending on your approach.

A bitcoin business that you can start

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a business that has been on people’s minds for some time. Even though the difficulty level increase each year, there are people who managed to build huge bitcoin mining businesses. Bitcoin mining falls under the most expensive bitcoin business you can start.

Is a known fact that bitcoin mining can be profitable if you do it yourself instead of relying on cloud mining.
If you can not afford the bigger equipment, you can mine bitcoins in your home if you can afford to do so by linking to a bigger pool such as Slush pool or AntPool.
The charges that you have to consider include electricity cost, cooling, equipment and maintenance.

Bitcoin Exchange

A bitcoin exchange could be the biggest bitcoin business that you can start. I be costly but worth more than the more you started it with. Bitcoin exchanges come in two ways, it can either be a place were bitcoin users buy bitcoins and sell bitcoins for a profit. Or it could be a place trading platform were people can trade bitcoins with other crypto currencies for a profit.
As a owner of bitcoin exchange you will earn your profit by charging a fee for every transaction made by the users of your exchange.
Some of the known bitcoin exchange businesses are VirWox, CEX.IO, Kraken and which is based in South Africa.

Bitcoin Physical Product

Create a bitcoin product that you can sell to the bitcoin users. Most bitcoin products are appreciated by users and can be good businesses.
Producing your own bitcoin product that can sell will give you profits for a long time. A physical product can be one of the things people are looking for, as long as it ads value to bitcoin users. You can sell your products both online and offline.

Some of the places to sell a product is on Bitify which is an online platform that sells almost anything.
Some of the bitcoin products that we know are the bitcoin hardware wallets such as the LEDGER WALLET and Keepkey and bitcoin T=Shirts, you can look beyond this.

Bitcoin Advertising Network

Advertising is a huge business both online and offline and advertising networks are online businesses that have proven to be good businesses. The most popular adverting network is Google which pays in in Cheques or PayPal.
Adverting networks make profit by selling advertising to advertisers who are looking to promote their businesses.

There are different types of advertising networks that you can choose from. This are Pay Per Click, Cost Per Acquisition(CPA), Cost Per Mile (CPM) and more. Bitcoin advertising networks are one of the most required businesses though google is the power house of advertising networks.
The most well know bitcoin advertising networks are Anonymous Ads, RunCPA and Mellow Ads.

Paid-To-Click Site

A paid-to-click to click site might be similar to faucets but in this case you will be selling cheaper paid advertising then give a way free bitcoins to people who decide to view those ads. This types of businesses became popular in the 2010’s by giving away a few cents using other payment processors.
You can let advertisers place ads few a fee, while you distribute your earnings with the people who collect free bitcoins. You will also need traffic for this type of business.
You can search on the web on how to start a bitcoin paid to click site. The biggest bitcoin paid to click sites are btcclicks and get-paid.


Faucets are one of the first businesses to come out of cryptocurrency. Creating a faucet means giving away a few free bitcoins so that you can get more bitcoins.
You can decide to give away free bitcoins in your own terms, you can do it per minutes, hour or per day.
You can earn a good amount of bitcoins with a faucet through advertising. This type of business needs to be promoted so that it receive a lot of traffic.
Another way to monetize a faucet is to sign up under other bitcoin faucets and place your referral links and place banners so that people can sign up under your link. One other method is to sign up with bitcoin adverting networks and promo your faucet there, you can also use this methods to get traffic to your site.
This type of business of business might not cost you a lot of money
The most successful faucets is and

Bitcoin Gambling and Spot Betting/Casino

Gambling has always been a huge business, creating bitcoin casino were people can try their luck with a win or loose option can a good business.
As a owner of the bitcoin casino you stand a good chance of making a good number of bitcoins on every bet the gamblers make and also on their losses.
The know bitcoin gambling sited are CloutBet and Bitstarz.

Product/Program Review Site

Product review sites have been around for many years. You can create a product or program review site that will detail everything about any bitcoin program or bitcoin product you come across.
You can earn bitcoins by selling some of the product yourself by being an affiliate or earn your commissions through advertising networks. A program review blogger you can make money by participating in some of the programs.

Bitcoin News Site

You can be the first to deliver the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry by finding the latest news.
This requires you to be up to date about the industry and always build a big network and a following on social media, forums and a so on.
You can deliver the latest news and be the go to person in terms of bitcoin and cryptocurrency
There are many ways to monetize a news site you can find all the info on the internet.

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Consultant

If you have permission for teaching and meeting new people then being a cryptocurrency consultant in your area or country can a good business for you. Cryptocurency is very brought and there are still billions of people who’ve never used it let alone heard of it.
By being a consultant in your country or region can be a profitable business. Offering your time to teach people one on one or holding group seminars were you share the knowledge with people can benefit both you and them.


I hope this article was helpful, I might not have covered all of the bitcoin businesses that you can start but the ones that I’ve mentioned here are some of them that you can look at and make money through bitcoin.

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