How to earn bitcoins with bitcoin mining?

Since bitcoin mining has become do difficult in the past few years and which can no longer be done by most ordinary people some companies open a pool section which is called Cloud Mining.


Cloud Mining is a form of renting a certain percentage of the mining equipment which in return you receive a certain number of bitcoins.

Cloud mining can be done over the internet through the company’s website, all you do is buy hash power which is the mining speed used by the bitcoin mining company you are mining with.

This might sound too appealing to some people but here’s the bitter truth about cloud mining, some of the so called mining companies are not legit, which makes it a bit uncomfortable for people to invest in bitcoin cloud mining companies.

So it wise to do your due diligent when it comes to cloud mining because some of them could be scams claiming to be legit mining companies which will give you a reasonable or high return.

Genesis Mining

genesis mining
Genesis Mining is one of the first bitcoin mining companies to offer cloud mining. Since 2014 Genesis Mining has been the most reliable company to mine bitcoins with. It has one of the longest track recording in bitcoin mining or cloud mining.


Genesis Mining offers a life time contract in bitcoin mining, you can buy the contract and start earning bitcoins, you receive bitcoins automatically into your bitcoin wallet. According to the terms and conditions of Genesis Mining they are going to offer cloud mining as long as it is profitable to them.
Genesis Mining offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ether, Zcash mining, you can mine all of this currencies if you like or you can stick to bitcoin. No matter which pool you choose you will be in profit overtime.


Unlike most online companies that use referral links, Genesis Mining uses a CODE: EpX08N
This code gives you 3% discount when you buy your has power YOU CAN USE THIS CODE TO GET A 3% DISCOUNT.




Genesis Mining Website


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