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A URL shortener is a site or a tool you can use to shrink your links.To shorten links has become a huge business on the internet. You can shorten your website URL’s and all your referral links before posting them on Facebook, twitter google+, LinkedIn and so on, that can make you money or bitcoins. When people click on your shortened links you could find yourself earning free bitcoins. There are several URL’s shortening websites you can use to earn bitcoins.

Here are the tips in point order

  • Register with the below bitcoin url link shortener websites
  • Shorten your website and referral links
  • Share your referral links on social media
  • Earn your bitcoins every time visitors click on your links url shortner


Bitcoin is still a bit new system so you wont too many url shortener websites that pay very. But I have tried to find the ones that could earn you some free bitcoins online.

What are the top bitcoins shorting sites that you can use to earn some bitcoins on the internet?


This is the top bitcoin link shortening you will find on the internet. There are multiple ways to earn bitcoins with CoinURL but the common one is to earn by shortening your links and share them with friends on social media, everytime they click on your links your earn some bitcoins. CoinURL is also Adveriing network that pays in bitcoin. You can publish your website and send traffic to it.

Click here register with coinURL


AdFocus is a link shorting site that uses two payment processors Bitcoin and PayPal. After registering you can update your profile and also select your payment processor, if is bitcoin then you can add your bitcoin address. Payout rates vary from country to country and the minimum payout is $10 you will receive your payment on the 7th of each month.

Click here to register with AdFocus


Another link shortening site that will pay you in bitcoin, this site is link with coinbase, the popular bitcoin exchange. You receive bitcoins every time your links get visits.

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