how to earn bitcoin using your website

Let your website or blog earn you some bitcoin  and other popular digital currency without you having to be in-front of your computer all the time. Applying this method could defiantly save you a lot of time and energy you spend going through a lot of faucets and other promising bitcoin earning methods. If you know how to blog then this is a good opportunity for you to collect bitcoins using your blogging skills.

Before I start let me share my personal story that led me to creating this blog.

I began to search for ways to earn bitcoin on the internet. I search the internet for a very long time without finding better ways to earn bitcoin and other digital currencies. I became a bit obsessed with bitcoin.

I joint high flying programs which cost me a lot. I lost a lot of money through peer-to-peer programs and cloud mining sites that turned out to be scam sites. Without having experience on how to make money on the internet I ended up making a lot of mistakes.

But now I can safely say I’ve learned good lesson and it was a good learning curve for me. So I took it up on myself to teach other people who want to earn bitcoin online.

There’s no easy way to earn money anywhere in the world, you have to work for it. Bitcoin and other altcoin currencies are not different from earning fiat money online or offline; there could be a better way for you to earn bitcoins online even if you are not in front of your computer.

So I’m just going to show you one better method you can use to earn bitcoins online with a website. Having a website that works for you while you are away is one good example to earn bitcoins and other digital currencies online. Currently I have a few websites that work for me even when I’m not around.

But you should know this is not easy as it sounds. You still need to put a bit of effort for your website to be a success, but if you follow this steps you could start seeing the results in few weeks.

Bitcoin Digital Currencies
Digital Currencies

First of all you need to open a bitcoin account to store your bitcoins.

Open a Virwox account, you need a bitcoin wallet a safe bitcoin account where you are going to store your bitcoins and you can also buy and sell bitcoin on Virwox with PayPal or a Debit Card.

You can open a Coinpayments account which is similar to coinbase accept it allows you to receive over 45 coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Etherium. You can send and receive your bitcoins through coinpayments, coinpayments is also a payment processor for other online business and is linked with other major bitcoin exchange sites on the internet.bitcoin.

Open a bitcoin wallet




For safer way to store your bitcoins look at bitcoin hardware wallets.

If you want to earn bitcoins on your website find the most trusted faucets on the internet

Register with the most trusted faucets on the internet, I recommend the faucets below, and these faucets will help you earn free bitcoins on the internet. By registering and placing your referral link on your website you stand a good chance of earning more bitcoins even if you don’t have time to go through them by earning referral commission.

Paying Bitcoin Faucets







Bonus Bitcoin



Register with other popular digital currency faucets.

You might need to in increase your earnings with other digital currencies online by joining faucets of popular digital currencies. This will insure you don’t miss out on making extra cash. So I have carefully selected these faucets for you.

Paying Dogecoin faucets




Doge Rena Faucet


Paying litecoin faucets



Join this Paying Paid-To-Click Sites to earn more bitcoins

Register on the following free bitcoin PTC sites. PTC sites are very useful; you can earn bitcoin in two ways. Firstly by clicking on free ads, secondly by advertising your website or banner ads and send traffic to your website while and get more visits to it. When you start using this PTC sites you will notice that you can also advertise your own website.

Some of this PTC sites pay in satoshi which is a smallest unit of a bitcoin and they will send your bitcoins to the faucet box where they will accumulate a be send to your bitcoin wallet when you reach the maximum threshold.

While other others will pay you in mBTC which is higher than a satoshi and you can withdraw then you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.







Register with Video Sites: Earn bitcoins for watching videos on the internet.bitcoin

Join this websites to earn bitcoin for watching videos online. There are few sites that will pay you for watching videos on the internet. These videos are uploaded on YouTube and place on this site for people to watch while they earn bitcoins. Place all your referral links in one place so that is easy for people to register under your links.


Register with Manual Bitcoin Traffic Exchange sites that pay

Earn bitcoins by placing your website on a manual traffic exchange that pays in bitcoin. I have selected a just three of the best traffic exchanges that you can use to promote your website. You will earn credits for visiting other peoples webstes and assign your credits to your website and get other visitors to view your site.




Use a search engine that pays you back for using it.

Yes other search engine have a way  to give you ways to make money if your pages rank high on them but has taken this to another level. is search engine that pays bitcoins for using it, by using it search you are guaranteed to earn bitcoins unlike other search engines.


Shorten your referral links and share them.bitcoin

Shorten your links and share them with your friends. While regular link shorting websites don’t pay you for that there are some websites that will pay you some bitcoins for shorting your link’s. Use this site to earn free bitcoins for shorting your links, you can also share your referral link with anyone willing to use their services and earn more bitcoins.


Join the popular bitcoin advertising networks that pay.

The one mistake you would make is not joining bitcoin advertising networks. This might need you to put in some bitcoins so that you can advertise your site on the big ad networks. After collecting some bitcoin you can just submit your site and pay a few bitcoins to send traffic to your website or blog Bitcoin is the easiest payment processor you will find and it has multiple ad networks you can use to earn extra income on your website or blog. Bitcoin ad networks payouts can range from 0.0005BTC to 0.01BTC and you’ve got quite a few options to select from. See them below.





Join a bitcoin cloud mining company. Collect bitcoin through bitcoin mining

One of the simplest ways to earn bitcoin is through cloud mining. Buy a few has power with some of the bitcoins you have accumulated on the internet. If you don’t have enough bitcoins yet then you can choose Eobot, you can stat small then increase your mining power as you gain more bitcoins. There’s a faucet on Eobot you can collect once a day, every day and you also get 1 Dogecoin every day for logging in.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Join Eobot

Create social media pages to send traffic to your website.

After creating your website you will need to send visitors to it. By sending traffic to your site you get a chance of getting your referral links clicked. Social Media Pages such as Facebook is a gold mine.bitcoin

social media

Create a Facebook Page and join as many Facebook groups as you can. Don’t just join any other Facebook group join groups related to earning money on the internet and share your links there; you can also direct traffic to your website/blog on those groups.

Open a Twitter Account

Create a Google Plus Page

Open a LinkedIn account

You can also open other accounts such Reddit, WordPress, Pinterest and more.

Creating a website might not be enough, you need a site that will be found by search engines. So I recommend you use WordPress for creating your website and also use good plugins like Yoast SEO. It might be complicated if you don’t know it but you will have to learn.

That’s it.

What I’ve just shared with you is a gold mine strategy to earning bitcoins and other digital currency the safe way. It will depend on how much effort you put in. If you put in more effort you will get good results sooner.

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