How to earn free bitcoins?

A faucet is a free bitcoin site that give away free bitcoins to people with the hope of them clicking through the advertisement, that’s the simple way you can explain it.

You earn bitcoins by solving simple captcha’s or solving puzzles, you receive your bitcoins every time you reach the minimum put forward by the faucet owner.

The bitcoin faucets listed on this site are trusted and you can earn a good number of bitcoins through them.

Take a look at them: -Freebitco is a bitcoin faucet that give you free bitcoin(satoshi) every hour, all you have to do is visit the site and solve the captcha to get your free bitcoins.

free bitcoin

But first you need to sign up. In freebitco registration is free, after registering you then place your bitcoin address. If you don’t have a bitcoin address you can get here.

The bitcoins are store in your freebitco account and will be send to you bitcoin wallet at no fee when you reach 0.0003000BTC every Sunday if you set the Auto Withdrawal.

You have an option to multiply your bitcoin by betting. You stand a chance to win up to $200 a day when you bet. There’s a Manual Bet and Auto Bet, you can choose any of those and with up to $200 a day.
Other types of withdrawals are Manual and Instant.

For a Manual withdrawal, a fee of 0.00003371BTC will be charged and your bitcoins will be in your wallet in 6-24 hours.

For an Instant Withdrawal a fee of 0.00164240BTC will be charged and your bitcoins will be in your wallet after 15 min.

Moon bitcoin – Moon bitcoin is a free bitcoin faucet that allows you to collect bitcoins every 5 minutes.

Moon Bitcoin=

You don’t have to register with moon bitcoin, you just place your bitcoin address and the bitcoins start accumulating until you claim the available bitcoins that you have accumulated.

You claim the bitcoins by solving the simple captcha and wait the bitcoins will keep on loading in your moon bitcoin account.
The bitcoins will be store on moon bitcoin until you reach 5500 satoshi, then they will be sent to your wallet every week(Sunday/Monday).
The easy way to make more bitcoin with free bitcoin is to claim every 2 to 3 hours a day.
To collect free bitcoin go to Moon Bitcoin

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