How to make money or bitcoins with the Get Paid ptc site?

Get Paid is a make money online website that has a paid to click section and it also uses bitcoin, you can use this website to earn free bitcoins.
It also uses PayPal, but since bitcoin is becoming main stream more and more people have chosen to use bitcoin.

Get Paid does not use satoshi or mBTC like other paid to click sites, it calls them coins. This coins can be converted into money and be withdrawn to your PayPal account as Cash or to your bitcoin wallet as bitcoins.
When clicking your ads in Get Paid you might get confused, you are given six images, you have to click the one that is facing up side down. like in the picture below.

Get Paid paid to click site
After clicking the correct picture your account is credited with coins. Please do not look for one type of image that is facing upside down on Get Paid because they rotate. When you open you start surfing it might be different.

In Get Paid you have many ways to earn bitcoins, some of the options include referring your friends, you can also complete offers and taking daily surveys.
The most offers are mobile offers like downloading apps on your mobile and testing them.

The referral system in Get Paid
You earn 30% for your direct referrals when they earn coins and you earn 10% for you referrals referrals when they earn coins.

You can also win coins by completing more offers every month, the more offers you complete the higher your chances of winning more coins. You can redeem all those coins.

As an advertiser you can list your offers on Get Paid and get traffic to your site or business and offer a few coins and let people view your ads and get sales.

You have and option to redeem your coins or withdraw them. With the option to redeem your coins in Get Paid, you also have an option to buy something on Amazon after collecting enough coins.

There’s no minimum payout at Get Paid.

If you want to get started on Get Paid click the link below.
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