My Paying Ads Review

My Paying Ads is a revenue sharing business that was launched on the 31 of March 2015 by Uday Nara.
This is one of the oldest revshares online now, is considered to be one of the best online programs at the moment.

Even though My Paying Ads has face some tough challenges in the past when PayPal froze some of the online businesses funds, My Paying Ads was also affected by the whole issue of PayPal in December 2015. The funds were frozen for six months and some of the online businesses didn’t make it.

At the time of writing this article the My Paying Ads admin has payout over $46 Million Dollars to its members, the member base has grown to over 287 000 at the time of writing.

My Paying Ads Payouts
So how does My Paying Ads works?
The three earning potentials in My Paying Ads as I have mentioned in the revshare page.

  • You can either buy Cash Links, which is free money that you receive by clicking on cash links.
  • There’s also the referral program that gives you 10% when your referrals buy from the outside of the system and the 5% when they buy from within the system using either their earnings balance, leaders commission or commission balance.
  • The last one is through purchasing ad-packs, and surfing 10 Ads a day.

Adpacks or Sharing Positions
$5 Adpack, Expires at 120%, 2 Banner Credits, No Membership, Maximum AdPacks 100
$10 Adpack, Expires at 120%, 4 Banner Credits, No Membership, Maximum AdPacks: 100
$25 Adpack, Expires at 120%, 10 Banner Credits, No Membership, Maximum AdPacks: 100
$50 Adpack, Expires at 120%, 20 Banner Credits, No Membership, Maximum AdPacks: Unlimited

Membership Fee:
The are only 3 memberships in My Paying Ads.

  • Elite Membership: $60
  • Professional Membership: $30
  • Explorer Membership: $10

Here are the membership notes from My Paying Ads
Membership Notes:
You can buy a Ad-Pack plan if you have the required/higher membership plan. For example,
If you have Elite membership, then you can purchase any other Ad-Pack plan. You do not require to buy any other membership.
If you have Professional membership, then you can purchase Ad-Pack Plan 1, Ad-Pack Plan 2 and Ad-Pack Plan 3.
If you have Explorer membership, then you can purchase Ad-Pack Plan 1 and Ad-Pack Plan 2.

The minimum deposits and withdrawals

  • Minimum Deposit is $5
  • Minimum Withdrawal is $5
  • Maximum withdrawal is $200 a day
  • No maximum withdrawal on Leaders Commission is withdraw-able.

The Payment Processors include Bitcoin, Payza, 2Pay4You, SolidTrustPay and Perfect Money.

Please note if you don’t want to surf 10 Ads a day you can buy Surf Free Units, which will allow you some freedom and be able to continue with your days to day tasks and still be able to earn.
A strategy to earn well in My Paying Ads

Just like any business you need a strategy to leverage your earnings, here’s a free strategy for you to earn well in My Paying Ads, We recommend that you start with $50 to $500 in level 1, this will allow you to compound and start earning much better amounts from the get go.
When your earnings reach $5 or more you should by an Adpack or more so that you can increase the percentage of your earnings, you can do that for 2 to 4 months without withdrawing then you will start enjoying your earnings.

Please note that is not compulsory to follow this strategy, is just a suggestion.

Here are some of my earnings in My Paying Ads, this includes Commissions Balance, Earning Balance and Leaders Commission.

My Paying Ads Earnings

You might also like to see my withdrawals, I had two Pending withdrawals when I took this picture which where also Done on successfully, I already received the amounts for them.

My Paying Ads Withdrawals



If you are looking for ways to earn money online or bitcoins then you can try My Paying Ads.

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