What is bitcoin mining?

Let’s try to understand bitcoin mining, How does it work?

Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining: Where do bitcoins come from?

Before you can make money through bitcoin mining you might have to know what bitcoin mining is and how it works, this way you will be able to make wiser decisions in starting your mining journey.
As we all know that the money that we use daily(fiat currency) is printed by the government and distributed via banks which simply means is centralized and it’s value depreciates due to inflation Read more


How to invest in bitcoin?

When it comes to making money online or bitcoin investments people always look for an easy way, like finding investment companies or websites. We know there are many of this websites but finding the legit ones is always a problem.
So let us look at ways to invest in bitcoin starting with the safe methods to the most risky ways to invest in bitcoin. There’s just too many ways to invest in bitcoin but let’s Read more

Get Paid

How to make money or bitcoins with the Get Paid ptc site?

Get Paid is a make money online website that has a paid to click section and it also uses bitcoin, you can use this website to earn free bitcoins.
It also uses PayPal, but since bitcoin is becoming main stream more and more people have chosen to use bitcoin.

Get Paid does not use satoshi or mBTC like other paid to click sites, it calls them coins. This coins can be converted into money and be withdrawn to your PayPal Read more