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How to earn bitcoins with Paid to click sites?

A Paid-to-click also known as PTC site is website that pays you to click on ads online. If you are familiar with bitcoin faucets then you would understand PTC sites.

Advertisers publish their websites or ads on PTC sites for a certain fee in return they get traffic to their websites while you get paid to view those ads. This is a method used to get cheap traffic to an offer.

I have selected the top trusted Bitcoin PTC sites for you, to help you collect bitcoins. Please note in some of this PTC sites you can upgrade your account so that you can earn a much higher amount of bitcoins. Members who upgrade their accounts get a much better treatment than the free ones.

BTC Clicks –  is Paid To Click(PTC) site which you can use to advertise any website by paying a small fee for members to watch your ad with the hope of them. Banner

In BTC Clicks you can earn free bitcoins as a free member and you also have an option to upgrade your account to a premium member, as a premium member you earn twice the bitcoin of a free member.
You get anywhere from 15-35 Ads that you can click on and collect bitcoins in BTCClicks and the bitcoins from vary from 0.00026mBTC to 0.00045mBTC per ad, while the ads take between 10 seconds and 30 seconds.
BTC Clicks pays in mBTC instead of satoshi.

Here are the free memberships in BTC Clicks

Premium Membership Price:

  • 90 Day Membership: 5.67mBTC = 0.00567 BTC
  • 180 Days Membership: 11.34mBTC = 0.01134 BTC
  • 360 Days Membership: 18.144mBTC = 018144 BTC

You can earn as a free member, but of cause you not going earn as much as a premium member.
A premium member has two advantages, take a look below:

Standard Member

  • Clicks Reward 0.00042mBTC
  •  Referral Click Reward: 0.00034mBTC

Premium Member

  • Clicks Reward 0.00084mBTC
  •  Referral Click Reward: 0.00067mBTC

The minimum withdrawal in BTC Clicks is 0.1000mBTC = 0.0001BTC, you can request for withdrawal anytime when you reach threshold of 0.1000mBTC the bitcoins will be sent to your wallet.

Sign up with BTCClicks

Get-Paid – Get Paid is a make money online website that has a paid to click section and it also uses bitcoin.

make money

In Get Paid you have many ways to earn bitcoins, some of the options include referring your friends, you can also complete offers and take surveys.


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