We all know that there are many ways to make money online; I believe you came across a lot of programs online including rev shares and you ended up confused on which one to join and stick to it while it generates money for you. Well today you came to the the right blog post, I’ll explain every thing I know about a revshare.

Revenue sharing sites

What is a Revshare?

I will try and explain it as simple as I can.

A Revenue Sharing( Also known as revshare program is a form of internet business that you can use to make money online with. It is mostly used by Internet Marketers to promote their material(Products, Services, Programs and so on). It helps internet marketer to get leads,  customers or referrals into their own programs and products.


how does it work?

Revshares offer an advertising platform to anyone who wants to promote their business online for a certain fee.

The revenue collected from those advertising fees helps the business run and they are also distributed among the active members in the system.

Revshare companies allow ordinary people who want to earn an income from them to buy Sharing Positions or Advertising Packages also known as Ad Packs.

This ad packs are almost similar to shares in a company in the stock market, the difference is that adpacks expire when they reach certain amount of % percentage assigned by the rev share company. Or should I say they reach a certain level of maturity it depends on how you put it.

Example: In a Revshare you can buy AdPacks that can expire at 120% then from then your adpacks earnings will stop growing while in the stock market share is a different story.

And revshares also differ in this way:

Depending on a rev share, some would allow you to buy sharing positions/adpacks without you advertising anything, so it means you will be earning direct from the adpacks and also from your referrals if you decide to bring someone on board.

Then some rev shares don’t allow you to purchase adpacks without promoting anything,  So it means on this type of a rev share you will have to have  certain product, service or a referral link to promote before you buy your first adpack. You could also be required to place a banner.

Either way you will earn your money through Ad Packs and referrals

How do you reach the percentage assigned by the company?

You will be required to surf ads or click ads every day for your money to grow. Usually is 10 ads per day and one ad can take 30 seconds or less depending on a rev share. In some rev shares you could be required to surf only 8 ads per day, you can even buy surf free ads so that you don’t surf.

Your earnings could be anything between 0.1% to 3.8% per day  it also depends on the revshare and the performance of the company on that day, your earnings also increase per hour per half an hour that also depends on a rev share.

In this case anyone can be an internet marketer (Yes you as well) and promote their websites through rev share programs and get leads.

Example 1: A person who sells T-shirts online can use rev shares to market or promote his E-commerce website online through rev share websites and get customers.(Item or product)

Example 2:  Someone who offers virtual assistant services  can promote their services on revshare programs and get clients or a web designer who offers web design can promote their services or skills in a revshare and get clients.

Example: If you have joined a program that offers a referral commission you could also promise on rev share sites.

Types of ads offered by revshares include

Login Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, Cash Links, Sharing Positions or AdPacks, Video Ads, Ad Credits, PPC Ads and more.

If you understand everything explained above then you understand the business model of a revshare business.

What are the benefits of participating in a revshare?

The most common is that you can make a reasonable amount of money in them.

You can build a stable income with them.

You can even leave your daily job and focus on them, that’s if you know how to pick the right ones that could work for you.

What are the requirement to start with rev shares?

  • Internet connection/access/ data bundles or whatever you want to call it.
  • A starting amount to buy ad packs( this can be as little as $5)
  • Internet Marketing Skills, (Very crucial especially if you would like to leave everything you do and make money online through rev shares)

One great advantage with online business is that anyone can do it, as long you learn the right skill and master them, everything has basics, if you know the basics you will make money online.

If you are interested in revshares then you might want to check out this two revshares, the other one uses crypto currency only while the other one uses bitcoin as well but the currency inside is in dollars.



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