I have covered different places were you can spend bitcoins, as the bitcoin industry grows we find many places to spend our bitcoins, on this post we’ll talk more about Bitify.

What is bitify?

Bitify is know as the bitcoin version of EBAY. Bitify is a website that allows people to buy or sell any stuff online using bitcoin. It is were buyers meet vendors, It uses bitcoin and litecoin, no other type of currency is accepted.
This website was started in 2014 by people in Australia, with the hope of helping more people put their bitcoins to use.
In Bitify you can sell all types of products, this includes physical products such as you old stuff that you no longer need and it also include digital products. If you have written a book or you are a photographer and want to sell you work, then you can sign up then list your product.


Products are listed for 30 days on Bitify, then after 30 days even if you have made a sale or not the product is removed, you can come back again and list your item, this allow fresh products to remain at the top, I think this helps the system to stay active with newer items as well.
One of the big advantages of this site is that it uses something called ESCREW. When buying something on Bitify, Escrew is a system that allows you to hold your bitcoins until you agree that you have received your product or item from the vendor, then you agree and Escrew will release your bitcoins to the seller.

I have bought one little e-book just for the experience, I can say is quite a good site to look for when buying something online.

Here’s how Bitify works:

  • You open an account for free
  • Setup your profile for Payments.
  • Then list your product or item.
  • The buyer sees your item and makes a purchase and send bitcoins to you via escrow, then Escrew holds the bitcoins.
  • You see the purchase made buy the buyer and send the items.
  • The buyer acknowledge that they have receive the item.
  • Then Bitify releases the bitcoins to your wallet.
  • You received your bitcoins the buyer received their item and the deal is done.

You can even promote your items through your blog, website, social media platforms, forums, YouTube channel and so on, but only Facebook is integrated to this platform, you’ll have to integrate the rest.
So if you have items laying around or you produce digital products such as e-books, pictures, guides, software and many other products you might want to sell them on Bitify for bitcoin.
Sign up with bitify.

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