bitcoin accepted

Surely we are moving away to the physical cash and so is the way of doing business, the information age has made possible to do business both online and offline to be transparent.

After earning bitcoins you might want to use them without exchanging them to fiat currency.
Bitcoin has made it easy for most people to trade online anonymously, this include buying tangible items and digital products such as books, software’s and more.
There are several market places were you can trade your bitcoins for any item or download your favorite book without using other Merchant such as PayPal, or any Payment Processors including banks.
I came a cross a few market places, retail stores, big companies that could be off good use to anyone wanting to put their bitcoins to good use.


So what can you really buy with bitcoin and where?

Just to name a few places were you can spend your bitcoins, this is just a short list there’s more places were you can spend your bitcoins:
Bitify: buy or sell any physical or digital products here.  a full review about bitify here
WordPress: Buy themes and plugins
Dell: One of the biggest computer technology company.

CEX: Trade the markets using bitcoin

Microsoft: Buy Software’s, Apps, Windows Phones, Xbox Games, Xbox Music and more
Overstock: The first biggest online store to accept bitcoin
Expedia: Hotel Booking, One of the first big companies to accept bitcoin
Tesla: The car company that accepts bitcoin.
Amazon: Allows you to spend bitcoins by Buying almost anything.
Wikipedia: The biggest encyclopedia
Virgin Galactic: Richard Branson company
Shopify: Allows online store owners to accept bitcoin.
Apple Stores: Buy Apps, Music and more with your bitcoin.
Namecheap: buy a domain name and hosting
Bloomberg: the online news paper
Gyft: Spend bitcoins get gift cards with your bitcoins
SEOClecrks: SEO Company, Boost your web pages and pay with bitcoin
Fiverr: Let someone do any job for you, from $5
Newegg: Online electronic retailer that accepts bitcoin
CheapAir: You can spend bitcoins by Booking Airline tickets, Hotels and Cars
Dream Lover: Online relationship services
Lionsgate Films: One of the biggest film studios uses bitcoin
TechCrunch: IT Blog
Victoria Secret: A lingerie outlet
WebJet: Online travel agency
Zynga: Mobile gaming

The list goes on, you don’t have an excuse why you don’t want to use bitcoin.

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