Bitcoin advertising networks

Online advertising is big business, all online businesses need traffic, so traffic is the major factor of all, one of the easy way to get traffic is through bitcoin advertising networks.
You might know that Google AdSense is the leading ad network in the world, but there are many more ad networks that you can use to send traffic to your business.
Luckily for the bitcoin users, bitcoin has manage to bring in ad networks that will allow you to pay and get paid in bitcoins.
In this page we’ll look at types of ad networks that are available and also that use bitcoin.
If you, been looking for ways to make money with your website and can use things like PayPal then this is for you, it is also know that Google rejects some of the blogs for whatever reason even PayPal it’s self has some major issues with other types of online business so bitcoin as a payment system and it’s ad networks is here to solve most of those issues.
You can now publish your ads anonymously in some of the bitcoin ad networks and still receive your money in a form of bitcoin.
Types of Bitcoin Ad Networks you can choose from:

  • CPM(Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand): This is the most effective method used by most advertisers. This form of advertising is base on the number of thousand views an ad gets, example if the advertiser charges $2 per thousand views it means your ad will have to be viewed by thousand viewers before you can receive payment for that particular ad. Good example for this type of advertising is Anonymous Ads also know as A-Ads.
  • CPA(Cost Per Action or Pay Per Acquisition – PPA): this is actually straight forward, this type of advertising method is is base on the action taken by the viewer of the ad. E.g if you have placed an ad on your site then the visitor clicks and sign up, subscribe or buys the product being advertised. This type of advertising usually pays more that most advertising methods but is more hard to do compared to other methods. A bitcoin advertising network that false under this category is Run-CPA.
  • Pay Per Click or CPC (Cost Per Click): CPC is one of the methods you can use to earn bitcoin or money online, some of the major ad networks like Google AdWords uses this type of method, you literally earn some money when your site visitors click on your ads, many people website owners use this type of method to earn through ad networks. BitMedia is a bitcoin advertising network that falls under PPC while Mellow Ads has both CPC and CPM.

The most important thing about earning through advertising networks is traffic, if you have a website or blog that receives a not of traffic then monitoring your blog with advertising networks will seem appropriate.

Besides there’s no point in creating a website that does not receive traffic or receiving traffic and not utilizing it to the fullest.

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