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People have been using fiat currency for many years and that’s what we believe you should work for, since many generations have been working for the currency that is actually slowly decreasing, we are seeing more and more people who want to work for bitcoin and the number is increasing.

Well not anymore, people work for bitcoin now, we are moving into the Cryptocurrency age, which is dominated by bitcoin which is growing at a rapid speed.
Bitcoin jobs are on the rise, there are too many companies start accepting bitcoin and also we are seeing many freelance platforms that accept bitcoin or that allow people to meet and do work for each other and get paid in bitcoin.
It depends on the skills you have, most of the digital jobs are included in the online freelance platforms. You could be an Accontant who’s good in finance and be able to analyse the financial statements and do auditing, your skills could be good enough for you to start earning bitcoins, you could work for bitcoin instead of fiat currency.

You could also be a Software Developer who has excellent problem solving skills and writing programming code, that might also be good enough for you to help you earn bitcoins.
Let’s look at different platforms you can use to find bitcoin jobs: – Is a digital currency base freelance platform were employers meet employees.
It is mainly for jobs such as Programming, Web design and Graphich Design, SEO, Content Creation, Photography and more. The payments are done in bitcoin. – Is a bitcoin subreddit dedicated to freelancers, you can post any skill you have and get a project, It is strictly dedicated for bitcoin users to get online jobs. If you want to work for bitcoin then Jobs4bitcoin the one. – Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance work, you can post your skills and charge anywhere between $5 to $500. You can get anything done from as little as $5 as well. Payments can also be made in Bitcoin. Fiverr takes. – You can work for bitcoin at Coinality by finding either a full time job or freelance work. Depending on your skills you can post according your work experience. – Yet another bitcoin related freelance job portal that you can use to work for bitcoin. – Bitgigs is also a freelance platform were you can post your skills, they call them gigs. There are several popular categories such as Writing, Programming, Advertising, Graphics, Technology, Music and more. – This is one of the biggest freelance site, it has over 3 Million Jobs posted annually and work of over $1 Billion annually. You also list your skills and get paid in bitcoin. – If you cant find work in some of the websites I listed here then you can also go to this the oldest and biggest freelance site. You can find a job that will allow you to work for bitcoin here. – This is a new freelance website were you post your gigs or freelance and get paid in bitcoin. The gigs include Marketing, Technology, Writing, Creative & Design, Blockchain and Business.

Those are just some of the websites that you can use to work for bitcoin. If you have some skills you could find yourself regular freelance work.

If working for bitcoin might not be something on your mind then you can find other ways to earn bitcoin on this site. There are many other ways to earn bitcoin if you don’t want to work for bitcoin, revshares, bitcoin mining or doing network marketing or investing.

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