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Blogging or just writing articles can be a lot of hard work on its own and having blog that brings in some money here are there can be an awesome thing but monetizing a blog can be a challenge to many bloggers. If you are blogging for fun then that’s great, it means you love want you do, yet if you want to turn this into one of your part time income or your daily income you are most likely to search for several ways to monetize your blog or find other ways to earn from writing articles and perhaps this is your lucky day because on this post I’m going to share with you a few ways to earn bitcoins through article writing. Infect there are multiple ways you can earn bitcoins by writing a blog post, some websites give you an option to write for bitcoins and get paid. One of the good methods to earn bitcoin is you being a guest writer for other people.


This method has been use since the beginning of blogging. You can earn bitcoin online for writing articles for other people whether  as guest post, freelance writer or just submitting articles on paying websites. Multiple news sites and other bloggers are constantly looking for writers or bloggers to fill their busy schedule. If you have tried to start a blog you would know how much hard work you need to put in for your blog to be a success. Having just few blog post might not be enough for you to start earning from your blog.

A typical blogger can have a lot in their plate in one day so why not take advantage of those who are willing to pay you so that you can ease their work while you earn something out of that. Guest posting is another method that you can utilize to earn bitcoins especially if you are working on a tight budget.

Here are just some of the websites you can write for bitcoins and get out of that tight budget.

Get a writing job at XBTFreelancer

XBTFreelancer is a bitcoin related freelancer website where individuals offer their skills to other people who might need someone to solve their problem for a certain amount of bitcoins. Here you also get an option to write for bitcoins for other people. Just like freelancer.com you have to bid for a job offer on XBTFreelancer. Here you find all types of job offers including but not limited to, content writing, guest blogging, social media marketing, web design, development and more. So yes you can get job offers that will pay you $20 or more even up to $500 for your work. Remember you have to bit against other job seekers to get the offer so you can update your profile so you can be a suitable candidate for the job.

Click here to register with XBTFreelancer

Write for CryptoSource

CryptoSource is one of the websites that you can write for and earn bitcoins and other digital currency. There rules that you need to follow if you want to earn bitcoins on this site. But there rules and requirements that you should meet and the rules are not as complicated as you might think.

  • You article should contain at least 400 words
  • The content must be in simple plain English
  • The content you submit must be original, don’t use some else work or else you won’t get paid
  • As this is a crypto site, your content should be crypto currency related

How much do you get for one article you asking?

Well CryptoSource payment plan varies in this level

For an original article you submit you will earn 0.02BTC that’s if the article has not been written by anyone before.

Write for BTC Geek

If you are good at writing then you can write for BTC Geek , they give writers an opportunity to write or submit news on their site. The problem with this website is that they do not disclose how much bitcoin they will pay you so you need to ask them first before you submit your article, but yes you can write for bitcoins on this site. As we know some sites pay very little so is very important for you not to waste your time while someone else would pay more for the same article.

See it here

Write for Bitcoin News

You might be having some juicy news related to bitcoin that could earn you some bitcoins so why not submit them at Bitcoin News and get paid. This is one of the big sites related to bitcoin and you could be their guest writer and write for bitcoins on their site. There are several categories you can choose from, choose a category that best suits your topic, the categories include Breaking News, Interviews, Reviews, Analysis and more, so you would know which category to choose based on your post title.

Same as with the rest of this website Bitcoins news has multiple rules you need to follow, some of them being.

  •  500 words per post • Your title text should be not more than 156 characters
  •  Link to subject
  • Content should be unique
  • Use heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 and so on
  • Your source of images should be listed

As you can see all this sites are there to help you earn some bitcoins online, you can try them and see which one will work best for you. As I said some of them pay a small about of bitcoin so I would advise you to check first so that you get money for your value. You should always try to avoid those that will wast your time and end up not paying or scamming you.

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